Hi there! It's me, Nicole!

Don't get confused! 😂 Yes, you would normally find me over on Modern Preschool sharing super simple printables and easy peasy hands-on learning ideas that my own preschoolers love. Today, I'm here to introduce you to a brand new project that I truly believe all preschool teachers need to be a part of! I cannot wait to reveal more details. For now, go ahead and grab a spot on our invite list. I don't want you to miss a thing! And hopefully you will enjoy the exclusive freebies and an invite-only discount coming your way!

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Introducing Club Preschool!

- an affordable monthly membership for preschool teachers brought to you by Modern Preschool -

Club Preschool was designed with ALL preschool teachers in mind.

Join all of our 2s, 3s, and Pre-K teachers looking for the same thing as you...


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You're going to love how it all works.

It's everything you love about Modern Preschool PLUS MORE!

Get Back to Teaching

Stop spending your evenings and weekends pinning activities that you will never actually do! Each new month brings brand new printable learning activities that are created for preschool classrooms, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed. Start having fun teaching again!

Exclusive Bonuses

Our clubhouse is filled with preschooler approved AND age appropriate activities that you won't be able to live without ever again! You are going to love the printables for you as a preschool teacher to use with your class too.

Instant Access

You will have instant access to monthly activity additions as well as 24/7 access to all printables inside the clubhouse the entire time you are a member! Waste no more of your time jumping through hoops to download a single printable. Just click and print!

Integrate Skills

The resources and activities easily add fine motor work as well as move & learn opportunities to your circle time, easy to prep centers, and small group activities. Want to add more meaningful learning with literacy to your classroom? We've got you covered!

Still on the fence?

Don't worry. More details are on the way.

While we all wait for the doors to open (EEK! I'm so excited!), I'm sharing a freebie sample printable.

What I love most about this kind of printable activity is that it can be used by 2 year-olds...3 year-olds...AND 4 year-olds. Yes, it is possible!

Ok, so not all pages can or will be used by all age groups, but the number and counting activity can easily be adapted for the higher and lower leveled learners in each group.

Color and black & white versions are included, so save ink and print on fun colorful paper if you wish to. I am hoping that you also love that fine motor skills are working each time turtle food is added to the turtle mat.

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Yep! You read that correctly!