Wait a second. Does this sound like you?

  • You love your job, but wish you had more guidance...sometimes a lot more.
  • You love having your preschooler at home, but know you would both thrive with a little more structure to your days.
  • You have so many different learning levels in your classroom, but have no idea how to plan for activities to reach them all.
  • You find yourself spending way too much time planning & prepping over the weekend and during your evenings. And honestly, don't get paid enough for this extra work.
  • You spend a lot of time searching for activities...that you never end up using.
  • You like working with the teachers at your school, but just wish they understood how important developmentally appropriate learning really is.


...and then tell a preschool friend!

It's time to get your free time back.

Welcome to Club Preschool!

Club Preschool was designed with all preschoolers in mind.

Club Preschool is a super affordable membership site for preschool teachers, parent, and homeschoolers, brought to you by Modern Preschool!

Get your weekends and evenings back.

Club Preschool is the resource you want to be a part of this school year. Enjoy continuous content updates to be able stay relevant with what you need as a teacher no matter where you are teaching.

Goodbye stress. Hello best preschool life.

Join our preschool & Pre-K teachers AND preschool parents looking for the same thing as you!

Wondering what's inside?

This is what you'll find right away when you join.

Printables by Theme & Skill

So many printables! Make things easy on yourself when searching for learning activities! No more long hours scrolling through Pinterest. With one-click access to hundreds of printable activities organized for you by theme and by skill or activity topic is a planning game changer. *It'll be even easier to navigate this year.*

Grab & Go Activities

It's true. Resources with lots of parts and directions are not always what preschoolers (or you!) need. In fact, quick and adaptable ideas can be the best way to go with some little learners! Our Grab & Go activities are perfect to print and play the at home or in your classroom to promote move & learn ideas and independence with big kid skills. No color ink needed!

Helpful Extras

Find EDITABLE (or printable if you prefer!) planning organizers and monthly calendars, pick your way to play choice boards to use as home options, digital learning games, and more! Need directions for your play dough parent to make the very best play dough for your classroom that doesn't get all sticky? We've got you covered!

For Club Members Only

Wouldn't it be nice if everything was cheaper for teachers? It only makes sense, which is why monthly members will receive at least 35% off Modern Preschool products. Yearly members will have access to EVERY Modern Preschool Product for FREE. Some products have been marked down to be free to all members!

New for this year.

Themed Preschool Planning

Say good-bye to mindless online searching and hello to organized planning guides! We are making it easier to find all of the activities you can't live without! No more scrolling through themes and skills if you don't want to. Simple themed clickable planning guides will be added to Club Preschool all school year long!

Week Long Themed Ideas

Looking for those super simple, no or low print ways to add themed activities to your daily schedule at home or in your classroom? We've got you covered! This year, we will be including hands-on "Preschool on the Go" styled plans with activity descriptions for parents and teachers to use.

Bonus Printables

Additional extras will keep appearing in Club Preschool throughout the year. Journal pages, drawing and writing prompts, alphabet hats, and more will be included with each membership. This is a great opportunity to use the submit a request button to add your vote to what you want to see offered!

Email Series & How To's

We all could use extra support when it comes to doing the best for our preschoolers. Look forward to exclusive email series based on member requests and needs. Think circle time success, how to set up learning groups, adding music & movement to your schedule, and more!


Which membership is right for you?

Club Preschool Membership

Here's the simple break down. The Club Preschool catalog of printable activities currently includes hundreds of member exclusive choices and continues to grow! Let us know if you have questions about the membership choices before the the doors open!

Monthly Members

Monthly members get to enjoy seasonal perks and discounts!

  • Seasonal themed activities added for teachers & parents to access throughout each quarter.
  • Instant access to the entire Club Preschool collection including printable resources, seasonal choice boards, planning tools, grab & go activities, seasonal editable calendars, etc.
  • Exclusive 35% discount off of all Modern Preschool products.35%ffdsf
  • Cancel anytime.




Enrollment opening soon!


Yearly Members

Check out the yearly perks below! Take advantage of getting 2 months (and so much more!) for FREE!

  • Seasonal collection, themed additions that teachers & parents will always have access to.
  • Instant access to the entire Club Preschool collection including printable resources, choice boards, planning tools, grab & go activities, year long editable calendars, etc.
  • Exclusive FREE access to all Modern Preschool products!
  • Cancel anytime.


Enrollment opening soon!

Need a little more info?

Check out our FAQS page and read more about Nicole, the creator of Modern Preschool & Club Preschool!

Are you ready to get your free time back AND easily adapt learning activities to help set ALL of your preschoolers up for success?

The answer is yes.